Our homes project how we see ourselves to the world. Too often, our homes are filled with things that no longer serve a purpose and that we no longer love. This clutter can stop us from achieving our full potential.

A Mindful Home is here to help you create a sanctuary that truly reflects how you see yourself.



At a mindful home, our focus is on creating wonderful living spaces which assist you with making your dreams happen. We are not the kind of designers who will come into your home and simply implement a design scheme.


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Our process begins by finding out your dreams, big or small. Maybe you want to create a romantic space that is just the place to attract the partner that you have been searching for? Maybe you are seeking to unwind in a restful space that nurtures you and allows you to truly relax? Perhaps you just want to feel more in control of your life? Maybe you have experienced a massive trauma such as a divorce and you are seeking to get your life back on track. Whatever the situation, we are here to help.



Using our toolkit of colour, texture, light and flow, we work to create a space that gives you a springboard from which you can achieve your dreams.

We have identified four stages that we work through with you as part of your journey towards your ideal home

1. Let’s work out what you really want to achieve in your life.

2. We create a design scheme and a budget (we work with all budgets) that is just for you.

3. Decluttering, we use the KonMari ®Technique to work with you to remove all those things from your home that no longer serve you. Please note that we are not accredited KonMari® practitioners. 

4. Decorating, designing and putting everything back together with new and old things, but just the things that you love!