A mindful home is an interior design studio that focuses on the creation of beautiful, peaceful interiors. 


As designers we are well aware that our homes are a reflection of our inner selves and they mirror to the world all that we are feeling. We also know that we are all innately impacted upon by the spaces that we inhabit. Colour, texture, light and shade will all impact upon our mood and thus our sense of self. 

Our process is simple, we use variant of the Konmari ®technique to help you remove from your home all those items that no longer serve you. Once your home is cleared we use your existing items and our design skills to create a sanctuary for you.


Janine Hendry

A mindful home was founded by Janine Hendry;  who as an academic and an interior designer  is  fascinated with how innately we are impacted upon by  the spaces that we inhabit.

Janine is captivated with things like the impact of colour on mood, people flow in spaces and  how we interact with light and sound.   Janine’s academic research focussed on developing an understanding of the elements of our living environment  that impact on our  happiness.

Janine’s philosophy is simple;  good design has the power to transform our lives and as such good design should be accessible to all.




At A Mindful Home we understand thatyou may have an anxiety about utilising the services of an Interior Designer.

We often hear thinking such that Interior Design services are expensive, you can do it yourself or you are worried that if you start using an interior design service that the price will escalate.

To ally some these fears we are always completely upfront with our fees. Variations in pricing will only occur in consultation between our designers and you the client.

Need to figure out if this is for you? Then join us at a Saturday Workshop which is $50 for a two hour workshop

Ready to commit to the process?  We will do an Introductory  Consultation for $460 for a minimum four hours in your home where we start you off on the process. 

Ongoing  Coaching is provided at $90 per hour for a minimum four hour session.   We will work with you in your home to help you through both the processes  of decluttering and design and will also be available via email and phone at no further cost to help with any issues along the way.

Ready now to take your interiors to the next level altogether? Our Interior Design Services include concept design, product sourcing, space planning, specifying and project management.  For this we charge between $90 and$150 per hour.  We will provide estimates of the time required at the outset of the project.