Interior Design in Melbourne Do’s and Don’ts for Spaces

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At a Mindful Home we know that not  everyone has the luxury of a sweeping spacious living room. In fact we are increasingly seeing more people choosing to downsize  and increasingly choosing the amenity of apartment living.  Living in a smaller space just means that you need to  savvy with the space available. I see too many people trying to squeeze all of their belongings from their four bedroom family home into their new two bedroom apartment.  

Trust me, from a design perspective it doesn't matter what the overall size of your space is;  but it does matter how you design your interiors. The biggest impediment to creating beautiful spaces is ensuring  that your spaces are not filled with things that no longer serve you and things that you no longer love.

The clutter in your home becomes the major impediment to creating beautiful interiors. So let's have a look at what you can and can't do when living in a smaller space. Remember when considering downsizing it is always a great idea to hire a professional interior designer.  It will be worth it!

A Mindful Home are both  Interior Designers as well as expert  decluttering specialists.  A Mindful Home uses the KonMari Technique to help people work through the processing of downsizing.  Trust me we know how stressful this can be.

Do’s and Don’ts of Designing the Interiors of the House Living Room

DO: Decluttering Unnecessary Items

Declutter!  Decluttering give you  more space inside your home  and help create a sanctuary that truly reflects how you see yourself. The interior designers at ‘A Mindful Home’ in Melbourne focus on creating wonderful living spaces from which you can make your dreams happen. They overlay a design scheme that makes your house living space appealing and spacious.

DO: Think Beyond White Walls

A very common small room interior designing myth is to paint the walls white. While white walls will help create the illusion of limitless living, it is not your only option.

Don’t be afraid to add some colour you love, even if it is not a light neutral. Black or other dark shades can be really dramatic in small spaces, but if using dark shades use them sparingly.

Have a look at this image of my study where I have just a really dark colour on the walls to create drama and movement.

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At we have the expert to guide you in achieving dramatic effect.

DO: Paint the Walls and Ceiling the Same

Painting the walls and ceiling the same is a great way to enhance the appearance of your home. If you do try non-white walls, ensure that the ceiling and walls are the same colour.  Thus  there is no clear ‘lid’ on the living space and your walls will stretch up, giving the appearance of an elongated room.

DO: Go Bigger with Furniture

It might seem like small furniture is a sure-fire way to make a small  living space appear  larger, but it could have the opposite effect by creating clutter and busyness. Instead, be bold with bigger pieces. It is better to have a few key pieces than lots of little pieces.  The result will be an effortless easy space that does not overwhelm or look overdone. So, go bigger with furniture!!  room in

DON’T: Push the Furniture to the Walls

Are you sure the living room will look larger when all the furniture is on the edges? Not exactly!! It is actually far better to bring furniture into the centre of the room, creating a sense of airiness and empty space between it and the walls. Not convinced? Just pull the furniture a few centimeters out from the walls for a similar effect. The top interior design consultants in Melbourne tend to suggest putting furniture on the center rather than the edges or walls. This is one of the most critical don’ts that you should always keep in mind while renovating the living room interiors. And if you want your living room to be spacious, then surely avoid pushing furniture to the walls.

DON’T: Be Afraid of Patterns

Solid colors and shapes will certainly help the eye breeze over your living space, making it appear more spacious than it actually is.  This  does not mean you cannot play with patterns as well. While you may want to stick to plain walls, you can still work patterns in and perhaps in a geometric print artwork or bold rug or an intricate light fitting.

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Janine Hendry
A mindful home was founded by Janine Hendry;  who as an academic and an interior designer  is  fascinated with how innately we are impacted upon by  the spaces that we inhabit.

Janine is captivated with things like the impact of colour on mood, people flow in spaces and  how we interact with light and sound.   Janine’s academic research focussed on developing an understanding of the elements of our living environment  that impact on our  happiness.

Janine’s philosophy is simple;  good design has the power to transform our lives and as such good design should be accessible to all.

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Consult with the interior designers for more suggestions!!