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On the most fundamental level your home is the space that supports how it is you see the world.   Your home  is a reflection of your inner self and thus is the mirror that you share with the world for all that you are feeling.

People are innately impacted upon by the spaces that they inhabit. The color, texture, light, and the shade of the walls of your house impact your mood at a large. Your sense of self is revealed through the interiors of your living spaces. This is where A Mindful Home can help you.

Our Interior design focus at  A Mindful Home is to start all of our design scheme by taking you through the KonMari process.  We use KonMari to remove the unwanted extra materials from your home, things that  that no longer serve you.  From the basis of an uncluttered space we use those items that you truly love to create a nurturing and yet functional space that will enable you to create the lifestyle of your dreams.

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A Mindful Home differs from other interior design studio’s in so far as we  focuses on the creation of peaceful interiors that work with your lifestyle.  

With the help of  the  interior decoration and design professionals in our studio we will work with you to create the space and thus the lifestyle of your dreams.  Our interior designers do not simply  overlay a design. Rather, the designers of this studio work with our  clients to discover our client's  dreams, lifestyle changes  perceptions, tastes and preferences;  It is these that we bring to fruition.

How the Interior Design Experts  at ‘A Mindful Home’ in Melbourne Work?

The residential interior designers of ‘A Mindful Home’ in Melbourne  will start off by introducing our clients to the KonMari method.  Once we have removed from your home all of those items that you simply no longer have need for.  With a clean slate we then use our home interior decoration toolkit of colour, texture, lightmand flow to create for you a space that offers you a springboard from which you can achieve your dreams.

These home interior designers work in four stages, such as:

  1. Discuss with their clients in long sessions about their desires, inner wishes, dream home, etc

  2. Create a customized design theme that perfectly demonstrates your dream home and provide a budget for the same

  3. Declutter the extras from the home using the Konmari Technique (Only if the client agrees to take their service on the given budget). The designers work with you intensively in the removal process for unwanted materials.

  4. The last stage of the work is decorating, designing, and putting everything back together with new and old belongings (Only those things that you need or love).

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