Why Making Your House Sustainable Is So Important

Here at A Mindful Home, we are always looking at what is going to be the next big thing in interior design. Recently, more and more people are looking at how sustainable living will help improve their lives going forward. But why should you try to embrace sustainable living? Here’s some of the biggest benefits of becoming more eco-friendly.

At A Mindful Home, we are big believers in the KonMari technique. Decluttering in order to make your home more sustainable has many benefits, because not only will it be more environmentally friendly, but it will allow you to create the space you want for your lives. Ever wanted to declutter? Now you’ve got an excuse to not only recycle unwanted items, but repurpose things you may not have otherwise thought of using. For everything else, they can be sold at a garage sale!

Save money on electricity
At the end of the day, everyone loves to save money. Isn’t it true that we never have enough of it? By embracing solar panels, intelligent thermostats and being smarter with energy, you’ll be helping the environment, and your hip pocket.

The feeling of DIY
Everyone loves to imagine themselves as a DIY expert, but a lot of people are too afraid to start. Why not repurpose things that you might have been keeping in storage for a while, and save money on buying new things for your house at the same time? Win-win if you ask us, plus it’s environmentally friendly!

For more inspiration, check out this home we recently worked on in Inverloch: https://www.dwell.com/home/dune-1-c99881b9  and make sure to email us at design@amindfulhome.com.au for help with updating your living spaces!