How You Can Incorporate the KonMari Method at Home

Here at A Mindful Home, we love incorporating the KonMari method into every design. For those who don’t know, the KonMari revolves around decluttering, and making sure that everything in your home has a purpose. For those out there who tend to hoard, this can be a hard concept to get one’s head around. After all, who knows when we’ll need that 10th roll of sticky tape, or have to go to our draw full of batteries. However, the KonMari method has many benefits, and can help you make your life better.

One of the key components of the KonMari method is to declutter. It’s something that we always say we’re going to do, but who amongst us actually does it? It’s time to make it happen. Grab a garbage bag and say goodbye to things you never use. You’ll be amazed at how much better you feel afterwards!

Find a Home for Everything
If you’re someone that chucks things in the first place you can find, then this step is for you. Get everything you need out, place it on a table, and put everything back in a place that makes sense and is organised. It will save you time when you go looking for things in the future, and it’ll make your life feel a lot neater. Win-win!

Take control of ‘someday’
The word that stifles productivity more than anything is ‘someday’. We always tell ourselves – it’s going to happen, I’ll find time for it. However, who out of us actually does? It’s time to take control of someday, and make it today. Find time to tidy your house today, and make tomorrow a better day.

If you’re wanting some professional help with implementing the KonMari method into your life, or just to make sure that it’s a permanent change, then that’s where we at A Mindful Home come in. Email us at, or hit us up on Facebook here, or Instagram here, to chat with us about making your home less cluttered and more conducive to happy and healthy living.