How To Get Your Rental Feeling Like Home

So, you’ve just moved into your first rental home. It’s exciting, and overwhelming, and you want to make it feel like your own special place. However, where do you start? With an often grumpy landlord, and the fact that you can’t exactly run around changing the rooms beyond recognition, it’s hard to know what to do. However, here are a few tips to turn a rental space into your own.

Wallpaper as an installation
Ah, double sided tape. There are lots of uses for it, especially in a rental home. If you want to replicate the look of wall art without the permanency, grab a roll of wallpaper, and use it to create a fixture using one continuous cut of the wallpaper. No-one will be none the wiser!

If you’re looking to add a touch of colour to your rental, or just craving something soft to walk on, a bold rug or three can really liven up any room. Plus, a rug can prevent markings occurring on your floorboards. It’s a real win-win for all involved (and is sure to keep the landlord happy!)

A decorative mirror can add a touch of personality to even the emptiest of rooms, with the added bonus of making it easier to get a nice photo of your lovely rental! Why not invest in a mirror that’s more ornate than you’d usually look at getting. That way, it’s a long term investment for the future!

If you’re looking for help with spicing up your rental property, or just trying to improve your living spaces, make sure to stay tuned to our blog, and email us at for more tips!