Age-proofing the Home

For those getting on in their years, or just looking to prepare for the future, age-proofing the home can be one of the best things you can do. But how can you go about it? Here’s a few tips to make sure you’re not caught out by the years catching up to you.

Eliminating Obstacles
It’s first thing in the morning. You’ve rolled out of bed, bleary eyed, and you trip. Sounds horrible, right? This is why it’s so important to remove any obstacles that could lead to a trip/fall around the home. This has the added benefit of decluttering your home, which is something that we’re very passionate about. Make sure you’re taking time to clean up and put things away, and you’ll be less likely to hurt yourself.

Slip-proof your bathroom
Almost everyone knows all too well the dangers of a bathroom, especially one that is a bit messy. As soon as water hits the floor, it can get slippier than even the most dangerous of ice rinks (ok, maybe not that far, but you get our point). Investing in some non-slip mats is the best thing you can do for bathroom. If that doesn’t seem enough, install some bars you can grab onto in case of a fall, to make sure you can steady yourself.

Illuminate the Outside
If you’re someone that has to come home at night-time, making sure your path inside is lit is pivotal. Look at investing in some motion-activated lights, and even think about some lights that can go in the garden. After all, it’s important to get inside in one piece, and darkness can lead to trips and falls.

If you’re looking to age-proof your home, or just looking for a re-design, make sure to hit us up at After all, we just want you all to be safe this winter!