Clear your home, clear your life. Using the KonMari method to create lasting life changes

With 2019 underway our minds start to turn to that notion of a clean start to the year. As a proponent of the impact that our physical spaces have on our emotional and mental health, I am a huge fan of taking out of our lives that which no longer serves us.

Piles of stuff in our homes are one of the greatest stress triggers. Clutter can increase our cortisol level.  When we have a lot of clutter in our homes, it has the effect of distracting us from our bigger goals in life.  Unclutter your space and you can unclutter your life.

The KonMari method is a simple and effective way to banish clutter forever

The KonMari method focuses on discarding items. Kondo's theory is that the more you can get rid of, the easier it is to tidy up.

The method has two parts: discarding and organizing and discarding must be done first.

Determine if each item “sparks joy.” Rather than focusing solely on throwing things away, be sure to cherish what you love. Do this by taking each item in your hand and asking yourself “does this spark joy?” If yes, then it stays. If it does not spark joy, then discard.

Tidy by category, not location. In most households, items that fall into the same category are stored in multiple places. If you are tackling your clothes, then you must get all the clothes out of every closet and drawer in every room first. Start with tops first, then bottoms, and work from there.

Discard before you place things back. You must discard first. Don’t put anything away until everything you are going to discard is removed.

With the KonMari Method, you can get out from underneath your clutter once and for all. Here’s how:

  1. Tidy all at once. Tidying a bit at a time never works. Things will get messy again quickly. (All at once means allotting about 6 months to the project.)

  2. Visualize your destination. Before you throw things away, visualize your ideal lifestyle. Goals such as, “I want to live clutter free” or “I want to be able to put things away,” are too broad. You must think in concrete terms, such as: “I want to live like a Goddess, surrounded by peace and beauty.”

  3. Identify why you want to live the way you envision. For every answer ask yourself “why?” again. For example, if you want to live clutter free so you get a better night’s sleep, ask yourself, “Why do I want to sleep better?” Do this 3-5 times. When you find the answer to why you want to be tidy, you are ready to move on. 

  4. Determine if each item “sparks joy.” Rather than focusing solely on throwing things away, which Ms. Kondo acknowledges only brings unhappiness, be sure to cherish what you love. Do this by taking each item in your hand and asking yourself “does this spark joy?”.

  5. Tidy by category, not location. In most households, items that fall into the same category are stored in multiple places. If you are tackling your clothes, then you must get all the clothes out of every closet and drawer in every room first. Start with tops first, then bottoms, and work from there.

  6. Tidy in the right order. Ms. Kondo says that the following order is the way to tidy: Clothes, Books, Papers, and then Komono (miscellaneous.

  7. Discard before you place things back. You must discard first. Don’t put anything away until everything you are going to discard is removed.

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Creating Peace in the Home

The home is meant to be a sanctuary. However, sometimes it can get out of hand. Whether it be because you’re busy due to children, work or something else, the home can become a bit messy. So how can you restore it to the peaceful place you’re always imagining? Here’s a few tips on how to keep the peace.

Give Everything a Place
It’s easy to get into your house and just throw things down willy-nilly. After all, the last thing anyone wants to do after a hard day of work is clean up. However, you can create a sense of calm in the home by making sure everything has a place. Need a stand for your hats? Have one ready to go near the door. Coat rack? Get one. If you can make sure that everything has a place, then organising things will become a lot easier. After all, shouldn’t organisation be simple? Make keeping things organised a breeze, and you’ll be well on your way to restoring the peace.

Utilize Nooks and Crannies
Sometimes there’s just empty space waiting to be used. Drawers that roll away, wardrobes that go ceiling to floor. We all lament about the lack of space in our houses, but are we really looking for it? Wheels can be your best friend when it comes to creating space in your home. Plus, who doesn’t love being able to roll things away?

Allowing for Mess
However, sometimes mess is inevitable. If you can come to terms with a bit of mess, then you’ll feel more at peace. Mess is a sign that a home has been well-lived in, and can be a sign of peace (in a roundabout way). Things don’t always have to be perfectly tidy, and without a bit of mess, you can’t appreciate the tidiness.

If you’re looking for a way to tidy your house up, that’s where we can help. Make sure to contact us at to find out how you can better utilise the space in your home, and create your own sanctuary!

How To Get Your Rental Feeling Like Home

So, you’ve just moved into your first rental home. It’s exciting, and overwhelming, and you want to make it feel like your own special place. However, where do you start? With an often grumpy landlord, and the fact that you can’t exactly run around changing the rooms beyond recognition, it’s hard to know what to do. However, here are a few tips to turn a rental space into your own.

Wallpaper as an installation
Ah, double sided tape. There are lots of uses for it, especially in a rental home. If you want to replicate the look of wall art without the permanency, grab a roll of wallpaper, and use it to create a fixture using one continuous cut of the wallpaper. No-one will be none the wiser!

If you’re looking to add a touch of colour to your rental, or just craving something soft to walk on, a bold rug or three can really liven up any room. Plus, a rug can prevent markings occurring on your floorboards. It’s a real win-win for all involved (and is sure to keep the landlord happy!)

A decorative mirror can add a touch of personality to even the emptiest of rooms, with the added bonus of making it easier to get a nice photo of your lovely rental! Why not invest in a mirror that’s more ornate than you’d usually look at getting. That way, it’s a long term investment for the future!

If you’re looking for help with spicing up your rental property, or just trying to improve your living spaces, make sure to stay tuned to our blog, and email us at for more tips!

How You Can Prepare For Winter This Year

With the last gasp of summer set to be behind us soon, it’s time to start preparing for winter. Not everyone is ready for the cold months ahead, especially when we’ve gotten used to long days, warm nights, and temperatures that allow us to keep the windows open. So how can you make your house winter-ready? Here’s some of the easiest ways to make sure you enjoy the winter months.

 Make Your Home Cozy
No-one wants to be in a cold house come winter time. Luckily, there’s ways around that. Whether it be an open fireplace, a heater, candles, or just making sure the house retains heat better, if your house stays warm, you can beat the winter blues. Winter doesn’t always have to be a time of sadness, but instead, can be a time to spend with loved ones.

Clean Out Your Junk
If you are stuck at home during the winter, why not clean out the house? This doubles as a perfect way to relive old memories, and make sure that you’re organised for the months ahead. Your future self will thank you if you’ve managed to declutter your house (plus, who doesn’t love a bit of organisation)?

Nothing’s worse than a drab room, especially when you know you’re going to be spending a lot of time in it in the months ahead. If you’re looking for a project over the winter, why not redecorate? It’s the perfect time to set aside a weekend and transform a room. It’s another way to cross something off the to-do list.

If you’re looking for ways to make your home winterproof, as well as more eco-friendly, then we’re here to help. Contact A Mindful Home at to let us help you get ready for the wintry months!

Why Making Your House Sustainable Is So Important

Here at A Mindful Home, we are always looking at what is going to be the next big thing in interior design. Recently, more and more people are looking at how sustainable living will help improve their lives going forward. But why should you try to embrace sustainable living? Here’s some of the biggest benefits of becoming more eco-friendly.

At A Mindful Home, we are big believers in the KonMari technique. Decluttering in order to make your home more sustainable has many benefits, because not only will it be more environmentally friendly, but it will allow you to create the space you want for your lives. Ever wanted to declutter? Now you’ve got an excuse to not only recycle unwanted items, but repurpose things you may not have otherwise thought of using. For everything else, they can be sold at a garage sale!

Save money on electricity
At the end of the day, everyone loves to save money. Isn’t it true that we never have enough of it? By embracing solar panels, intelligent thermostats and being smarter with energy, you’ll be helping the environment, and your hip pocket.

The feeling of DIY
Everyone loves to imagine themselves as a DIY expert, but a lot of people are too afraid to start. Why not repurpose things that you might have been keeping in storage for a while, and save money on buying new things for your house at the same time? Win-win if you ask us, plus it’s environmentally friendly!

For more inspiration, check out this home we recently worked on in Inverloch:  and make sure to email us at for help with updating your living spaces!